ACCET’s main focus is to provide a continual source of money that can be easily accessed by congregations of the church of Christ in Australia, to help support their workers.

A Trust is born…

For many years brethren in the USA would help congregations out financially by providing support for workers in Australia. The Australian church of Christ Evangelistic Trust was born by a group of Christian men who desired to have easy access to support funding from within Australia.

In the early 2000’s this group of Christian men got together and created a Trust that could receive donations, invest the donations, and use the earnings for grants and operating expenses. A foundational need was to keep each donation in perpetuity.

The first donation of $2 was given in December 2003, when the Trust commenced. Today the Trust has a capital of $1.4 million and provides grants of $60,000 per annum. We are thankful to God.

A gift that keeps on giving

ACCET is beautiful in its simplicity. Donations are received into a ‘capital pool’ (currently $1.4 million). This capital is wisely invested to ensure a balanced return on the fund, while preserving the donations that make up the capital.

The earnings received on the capital pool are used to pay for operating expenses (about $4,000 to $5,000pa) and importantly provide the money to fund the annual grant pool. The grant pool for 2024 was $60,000.

The larger the capital pool invested the greater the earnings and the larger the annual grant pool.

A well built structure

Back in 2003 when ACCET was established, a legal firm was contracted to legally build the vision and turn it into a working reality. The cost of this setup work was donated before ACCET was even established. Much prayer and thought went into building the Trust Deed, which is the constitutional document that governs the Trust.

Trustees exist to ensure the objectives of the Trust Deed are met and wisely and prayerfully manage the custodianship of the donors funds. These same Trustees oversee the investment earnings and risk and ensure that an annual grant pool is generated to support evangelism in Australia.

Giving out grants is what it is all about

The church of Christ in Australia needs workers, training programs for new workers and outreach ministries and campaigns. Unfortunately many congregations cannot generate enough internal support to pay the wages of a worker, let alone afford to send out workers into new Australian suburbs, towns and regions.

The annual grant program by ACCET seeks to rectify this by providing funds so congregations can supplement the support of workers and even send workers out into new mission fields. It is the Trustees prayer and dream that ACCET might be able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in grant money. All for the congregations of the church of Christ in Australia who want to support workers and spread the good news of Jesus to the people of this nation.

…see that you also excel in this grace of giving

2 Corinthians 8:7

A donation to ACCET is a gift that keeps on giving!

The easiest way to give is either through BPAY® or direct deposit:

or contact us on [email protected] direct for BSB and account number details to enable direct deposit.